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Venue: Hotel Taj Krishna, Road No 1,  Banjara Hills,  Hyderabad- 5000340, M: Prashant Jain, 9885043038, Ph:40 66662323, Website: www.nikites.com

Nikites.com, “L’Affaire De Grande” on 28th July 2012 at Taj Krishna

‘Affaire De Grande, the exhibition where international jewelry met haute couture was successfully presented by Nikites Media Pvt ltd, a company dedicated to exploring and promoting the finest jewelry, contemporary fashion and art exhibition from across the globe. It was a day long royal extravaganza will held on 28th July at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad.

The event will feature some of the best names in the Fashion, Jewelry & Art industry. The event fused their Haute Couture with the finest international Designs from Rabani and Rakha (exquisite embroideries & silhouettes); Neety Singh jewelry – a celebrated Jewelry designer from Gurgaon who has done various international exhibitions in New York, Chicago and Singapore and Zarin Jewelry – a brand that has showcased twice at the New York Fashion week and has been named as one of the top 3 Jewelry brands in India by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. The event also consisted of a solo exhibition.

“Miraaya” by Artist Radhika Seksaria, who specializes in acrylic on canvas. Being a devout of Lord Krishna, several of Radhika’s collections have been inspired by Meera Bai, the aristocratic Hindu mystical singer. The marvelous use of shade and light in her paintings give it a depth that is almost meditative would be an added attraction to the event.

In addition to these top designer names, Nikites introduced some upcoming Fashion Designers and Jewelers whom the company has explored and wishes to promote People witnessed a whole new range in jewelry with some rare Nizami Designs and south Indian temple art being displayed in Jewelry in pure gold and diamond. This is just the beginning of what the company plans to do in the future.
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