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Weavers India Handloom Showroom: 9th Phase, KPHB, Kukatpally - 500085

Weavers India Handloom Showroom Inaugurated by DK Aruna at KPHB on 26th September 2013


Minister for information and public relations D K Aruna stressed on the need to promote the traditional handloom textiles by the younger generation. The minister inaugurated ‘Weavers India’ handloom showroom at KPHB, 9th Phase, Kukatpally in the city on 26th September 2013 Thursday.

Speaking at the occasion, the minister said weavers’ works and skills cannot be expressed in words. Every one should support the handloom silk cloths. The weavers were involved in making textiles making themselves as expertise as per the newer trends in the market.

The representatives of the ‘Bhavana Weavers India’ said that they were encouraging the handloom textiles by offering the textiles at the production cost in the newly inaugurated showroom in city.

The showroom showcases the textile varieties from different places in the country including the South Indian handloom saris, north, west, east and the central Indian varieties.

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