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Venue: Novotel & HICC Complex, Near Hitec City, Hitex Road, Hyderabad - 500081

Hyderabad Fashion Week 2013 Season 3 Day 2 on 30th July 2013 at HICC, Novotel

The world of cinema has reached a milestone in its 100th year and all of moviedom is in celebratory mode. The Dream machine that tinsel town is, has for years not just entertained audiences but also lent aspirations, hope and desires in millions of hearts. Movies have always carried a larger than life appeal in the movie goers and made them want to emulate their lives along the medium.


Fashion and films have a Siamese relationship and are literally the mirror reflection of contemporary society.


Indisputably the silver screen the world over has influenced fashion like none other and celluloid is solely responsible for setting trends farer and faster. While movie stars turn into Demigods, the clothes they wore became objects of desires and spurned replicas all over.


Films have created fashion icons who are followed with every nitty gritty. This entertainment giant in its 100th year is going strong and selling fantasies all over the world.


Lakhotia Institute of Design takes pride in bringing to you a spectacular show citing the journey of this incredible dream factory.

So lets all be seated as the lights dim out....its movie time.


Lakhotia Institute of Fashion has another notch in its rising journey. The annual glamour presentation of its students,Filmstan to Fashionstan was just showcased at Hyderabad Fashion Week. Fifteen fashion collections comprising of varied themes like Bollywood, Shakespear,Mermaids to Fairytales and much more in keeping 100 years of cinema were artistically presented. The intricate workmanship and intense efforts of student designers got them a direct entry into the fashion week,which very few aspiring designers can hope to achieve. This heralds a new mark of achievement for the students as well as Lakhotia,who has facilitated their entry onto this platform.



Lakhotia Institute of Design:


Empowering young dreams, realising their potential and facilitating their arrival into the industry terminal is India's first techno design fashion school -Lakhotia Institute of Design, Where aspiring design professionals trust their lives onto the path of glory guided by this institution, established since the last 25 years. Excelling in the field of applied arts in various facets of Fashion Design, Interior Design, Textile Design, Fashion photography, Fashion pattern making, Multimedia Design and Modelling.


Lakhotia Institute of Design, An ISO 9001 2008 certified, IAO International Accredited. The institute has Govt, and Internationally affiliated and UGC recognised courses.The institute has the Industry linkages in association with Govt.Of Andhra Pradesh.


Founded, nurtured and spiralled to higher levels are its young directors Mr Azhar and Mrs Ayesha who have tirelessly maneuvered this magnanimous fashion institution to where it is now. With his immensely innovative concept and visionary traits, Mr Azhar has brought in unique strategies for growth of infrastructure and skills. Whereas Mrs. Ayesha has the strong reins of academic administration and relentless pursuit contributing to one of a kind seasoned polishing of course material:

Trained faculty specialising in individual subjects disperse a wealth of knowledge and personal attention, leading to motivated candidates wanting to further their careers in this profession.


Admissions for popular Degree and Diploma programmes like fashion design and interior design comes from the farthest and the remotest comers of the state as well as continents like Asia, South Africa and UAE So high is the enthusiasm of the enrollments that some of them work on the side to be able to seek admission in this enigmatic institute.


With guest lecturers and the Designers from Industry, Lakhotia ensures direct exposure to its candidates, updating them about the design field. Constant upgradation of the syllabus maintains academic renewal and technically equipped labs, studios and workshops with state-of-the-art-infrastructure makes the institute ,an esteemed temple of education. Graduation Fashion shows makes the students industry ready.


Rated the No 1 institute in Andhra Pradesh, Lakhotia assists 100% placements to all its admissions in India and Abroad. Education loans and hostel facilities further make it easier to acquire a place in this institution. Today, The Alumni of the institute is spreaded throughout the world and has become major source of positive word of mouth, hence benefiting the institute to get maximum number of admissions. Successfully absorbed by the Retail Outlets, boutiques, Designers, Consultants .Architects and. so on the passed out students have created success stories...The gainful employment helped them become Entrepreneurs.Never to rest on its laurels, Lakhotia constantly strives to achieve a higher goal hence benefiting those associated with it and is grateful to its students and their parents to make this institute stand taller than ever.


Recently moved to a swanky new premise at MPM Mall at Abids and what’s more a magnanimous new branch opens shortly at Road No 10.Banjara Hills.

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